Neverwinter Reclaimed

The Best Laid Plans

Happy to be back in the familiar surroundings of Neverwinter, our heroes trotted off to the market to spend some of their treasure and resupply. They found that the market was much better stocked than it had been previously and noticed a couple vendors even selling some wondrous magical items. A rare thing in the remote, forlorn city. They made their purchases and planned to return home when ugarth and Pixil Thunderstroke noticed a squat, cloaked figure spying on the party from behind a cart. A moment passed before Ugarth’s memory cleared and, with a shock, he recognized the person as an old compatriot from Luskan. The figure was a halfling named Grist and his presence in the city meant that it was likely more of his ilk were present in the city as well.

Ugarth signaled to the others that he recognized the halfling. At first he tried to nonchalantly move toward Grist but it was clear that the halfling’s suspicions were roused. With another signal, Ugarth motioned for the party’s help. Pixil moved into another row of market stalls, Salt, Korgul, and Belgron sprinted into flanking positions, and desmond held back, unwilling to risk an altercation with the guards.

The small man, seeing that he’d been found out, spent precious moments hiding behind the cart, then in a panic, took to flight down the market row. Unfortunately for him, a well aimed shot from Ugarth took him in the leg and he fell, sprawling into a stack of boxes. A scream loosed from a small pack of market-goers as the halfling fell and shouts from stall keepers rang up from all around. At first Grist looked like he would jump back to his feet and run again, but Belgron came from around the corner, cutting off his escape. Belgon approched the halfling before the others could arrive and seemed to utter unspeakable, devilish words of destruction, for when Ugarth and Pixil finally arrived, Grist seemed shaken with terror.

They tried to press the Halfling for information, but cries and shouts for guards were erupting all around them. Soon, tell tale sounds of guard whistles could be heard in the near distance. The terrified Halfling sputtered and mumbled, not willing to give any information, but still wanting to be out of the situation. While he didn’t say exactly where he let slip that a group of them were in the city and what’s more, an old enemy of Ugarth’s was indeed leading them. The memories of the sneaking, backstabbing, Halfling Content Not Found: drob were brought back afresh in Ugarth’s mind.

The guards approached as a press of onlookers gathered to see the spectacle. Luckily, Salt was quick to step in and intercept the guards. He explained that the halfling had stolen from the group and they’d just managed to apprehend him before he fled.

Meanwhile, Grist decided he had had enough. With a screech of pain, he pushed the arrow through his leg and his form melted from a small halfling into a tiny rat. Gasps and screams exploded from the crowd and the rat scurried under the nearest stall.

The ensuing mayhem afforded the group a distraction from the guards and they were able to slip away while the guards set to fishing the creature out from under the cluttered market stalls.

When They finally returned to their home, The group found O’Brien and Valen eager to see them. They also had a message from the guard captain Torian Vrain. The message stated that Dagult Urthandar requested their presence for dinner at the moonstone-mask to discuss an important proposition. Wary of what Urthandar could want, they decided to find Vrain and confirm that the invitation was genuine.

Vrain, predictably stationed at one of the main guard posts in the city, confirmed that Urthandar was indeed looking for the group for an important task. He also mentioned that it would be quite lucrative to take him up on his offer. The group decided not to waste time and went to the Moonstone Mask that night…. more to come


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