The Shadar-Kai Witch


Sheezra bears a pale, scarred complexion, adorned with many glinting silver and gold piercings. Her hair is a bunch of small, tight braids usually drawn together into a ponytail. Her stern face commands respect.


Sheezra is the leader of a faction of Netherese that seems to be camping in the Shadowfell version of the Neverwinter Wood. The party has met Sheezra on two occasions. Once, as an enemy when she was allied with the orc commander in the Black Lake district. And second as she intervened to help the party flee the minions of Valindra Shadowmantle in the Shadowfell. Though her true intentions are not known, she has made a pact with Desmond to help him claim the throne if she and her people can have a favorable trading position. She seems intrigued by the party and when questioned why she fought against them


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