Neverwinter Reclaimed

Strange Things Afoot in Helm's Hold

After spending the night at the Old Dirty Dwarf, the party awakes the next day to a commotion in the common room. When they investigate, they find that a small crowd of people has gathered to see the party after hearing tales of their exploits on the road. One particularly strange person in the crowd is a tall, gray skinned individual armed with a longspear and a commanding presence. He pushed through the crowd and introduced himself as Salt. He said he was looking for companions and would be willing to lend his spear to a cause if he could share in the spoils. The party provisionally accepted and filled him in on some details of their mission.

Oghma symbolThe innkeeper shooed the crowd away except for one individual, a man in humble clerical vestments displaying a symbol of Oghma

The man introduced himself as Brother Satarin. He serves at the massive temple of Helm that is a centerpiece of the city. He seemed distraught about something but answered some of the questions from the party. He spoke of the Prophet Rohini who was capable of soothing the spellscarred and said that there have been rumors that she has healed them. He said that the Temple of Helm was turned into a place of healing for the worst of the spellscarred victims. Eventually he moved on to his concern, that individuals in the lower wards of the Temple’s facilities had broken free of their restraints and caused pandemonium. Finding no other option, the temple guard sealed the door. Satarin was hoping that the adventurers would be able to descend into the lower wards and quell the uprising.
He then left the group to deliberate.

The group decided to wait till the afternoon to observe one of the appearances of the Prophet Rohini. They found a large crowd gathered at the entrance to the Cathedral of Helm. Some obviously sick and suffering were in the front of the crowd. First Brother Satarin and some attendants came out of the church and began administering rites to the crowd. Then after a short while, a woman dressed in simple white robes emerged from the temple with a contingent of guards. She walked amongst the crowd and laid hands on some of the suffering. Her actions seemed affective as the suffering stopped their cries and moans of pain as she touched them.

After a while she scanned the crowed, locked a curious gaze on Pixil Thunderstroke and beckoned her to approach. When the party made their way through the crowd, she looked at Thunderstroke and said “I’ve seen you in my dreams! Why?” They conversed shortly before the prophet shockingly began to convulse and scream, clutching her head. At that time a foul creature erupted from the ground at the edge of the crowd, killing several instantly from the upheaval and smashing several others with it’s disgusting mandibles. The creatures, the party recognized as the same they had fought the day before, spewed out of the ground around the courtyard.

GajThe party valiantly sprung into action, dispatching many of the beasts but not before they had ravaged several onlookers. Then a massive creature erupted from the yard dealing a swift end to several bystanders. A voice boomed in the minds of all present “You will be reckoned with.” and “We come.” Simple, yet confusing messages, and not easy to contemplate in the thick of battle. Soon the creatures were subdued.

The prophet, who had been dragged away by her guard, composed herself and administered healing to the party, a task which clearly exhausted her. Brother Satarin approached the party and made mention that perhaps the creatures and the uprising in the lower wards could be linked somehow as some of the soldiers that returned from trying to subdue the uprising had returned with injuries that looked similar to ones these creatures inflicted.

The party, still waiting for word about the missing shipment of weapons, decided to focus on this task at hand.


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