A small cabal of Asmodius worshiping cultists. They apparently existed before the cataclysm and are slowly reforming.

Belgron has been given a charge to infiltrate the group and learn the identity of the leader. The group also had some valuable information for the cause of the reclaiming Neverwinter.

Mid level cultists are known as acolytes.
Acolytes do not know each other but at the acolyte meetings they test each other by summoning an eldritch flame. “Prove yourself”.
Each acolyte has a name within the group. The one Belgron is impersonating is known as the “Acolyte of Twisting Flame.” Others are Acolyte of Madness, Acolyte of Dismay, Acolyte of Suffering.

The leader is known as the bishop amongst the cult members and he demands a tithe at each meeting.

Belgron infiltrated the group under the command of his lord Ragiastrix. He was to expose the identity of the leader in front of the other members of the group but the plan went afoul. Belgron was able to expose the identity of the Bishop as Mordai Vell, a prominent merchant in town but also blew his own cover in the process, killing Vell and several others and sending the remaining cultists fleeing into the night. No one knows whether the cult has been dismantled or if an organization still remains.


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