You hail from the city of Luskan where your keen eye and killer shot was invaluable in scoring mercenary work. After some time gaining a reputation, you were approached by a member of a gang called the Dead Rats who recruited you to their service. Eventually you were even ushered up the ranks to the inner circle where you learned that your gang was, in fact, lead by a group of wererats. They initiated you by a blood ritual which bound you to the others in the inner circle and gave you your strange abilities.

You fit into your new responsibilities well but disdained the political jockeying that others in leadership constantly tried to involve you in. Eventually, however, those machinations led to a bitter betrayal against you that forced you to flee Luskan with your life. After Fleeing Luskan, you found your way South to Neverwinter, finding it a place rich with unsecured wealth and possibility. But in your short time in Neverwinter, you have found evidence that your old nemesis is looking for you here. At first you thought about fleeing further South and trying your luck in Waterdeep or Baldur’s Gate but you received a strange letter from an anonymous source. You see this as an opportunity to gain an advantage and crush your betrayer once and for all.

Other Stuff

  • The chief architect of your betrayal was a halfling named Drob.
  • You know that using your Dead Rat powers in the open could be a bad idea so you use caution if/when using your power in normal society.
  • On the last job you did before you were betrayed, you looted a small silver amulet from a noble house. You don’t see a lot of value in it but you feel attached to it for some reason.


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