Mysterious Genasi Warlord who has offered his services to the party.


When pressed for his background, Salt reveals that he hails from the Far Hills which lie at the base of the Sunset mountains east of Baldur’s Gate. He was raised by a cult of mystics devoted to Grumbar the Earthlord ( Born in the 7th day of the 7th month as the 7th in the line of Dunvar (prime cleric of Grumbar), he was proclaimed at birth to have manifested the essence of of the earth. He is not human as his parents are, but instead he is Genasi.

His birth aligned with certain portents maintained by the cult of Grumbar. As such, while still a young child, he was given over to the cult’s most experienced ranger and given specialized training. Made to carry a spear day and night it soon became part of his identity. Despite his revered nature among the cultists his earthly manifestation set him apart. They worshiped the stone, while he alone felt the stone flowing through his veins. During his coming of age ceremony, he forsook his family name and instead took the name Salt. He left the cult in dramatic fashion causing a tremor to shake the earth and knock those around him to the ground. He left the community carrying nothing but his spear.

He marched for days until arriving at the village of Asbravn. He joined the local militia, and soon found he had a natural feel for battle when the village was raided by goblins. Using his spear he found a talent in disrupting a creature’s defense, often creating opportunities for his fellow soldiers to finish the job. It didn’t take long until his squad began looking to him for guidance during battle and for his part Salt seemed to be a natural at directing the flow and ebb of a fight. Local politics lead to Salt’s departure from the Asbravn militia. The mayor employed the militia to kill the head of the miller’s guild to solidify his leadership. After being used as an instrument for another’s political gain, Salt felt disgusted. He packed his few possessions and left during the night.

He wandered toward the fabled city of Neverwinter seeking a just cause to lend his talents toward.


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