Pixil Thunderstroke


You had a bright future studying and practicing divine magic in a the great city of Waterdeep when a mysterious blue mark began manifesting on your body. At first it was easy to dismiss but soon, you began having horrid nightmares of yourself engulfed in blue flames. You would wake with wracking pain in the area where the mark manifested. Soon the mark grew into a horrible, long scar that burned with pain. Worry turned to dread one day when a wild blue flame erupted from the scar, critically scorching a fellow acolyte and burning your temple to ruin. You were banished and cursed by the priests and sent on your way under the hateful cries of your fellow acolytes.

You lived for a while travelling between cities begging and performing small clerical rites for bread and silver. All the while, tending and hiding the terrible scar. While in a village called Daggerford you were performing a minor prayer to heal a villager when the scar erupted again and killed the one you were healing. The townspeople drove you from the city, but one person followed you as you fled. Eventually catching up to you, he told you of a place called Helm’s Hold near Neverwinter, where you might find healing for the scar.

You travelled to Neverwinter by boat, planning to make your way to Helm’s hold but when you finally arrived in Neverwinter, you heard disturbing rumors about Helm’s Hold. Rumors which caused you to doubt your plans. You waited several days and employed yourself in practicing divine magic in the chaotic city. One day a courier came to you and handed you a mysterious letter containing a gray ribbon and promise of power and glory…

Other info

  • You know that the spell scar causes a lot of mistrust in people so you keep it well hidden. Even though the scar gives you some amount of power, you are careful to not use those powers in front of a lot of people.
  • You are extremely bitter against those who are terrified by your scar or who have mistreated you because of it.
  • When you arrived in Neverwinter, your dreams have been filled with a beautiful, yet dreadful song and visions of a beautiful woman making beckoning gestures toward you.

Pixil Thunderstroke

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