You have known a life of travel and adventure. As long as you can remember, you trekked the open roads with an old Half-Elf who you would consider to be your father but who reminded you constantly that you were of a higher blood than his. His name was Obrien. A soldier in his youth, Obrien had a grizzled look and wise patience about him. On your travels, you would stop for months in various places, almost always for you to be tutored by a local priests, bards, or wise men. You gained much knowlege and experience in those days. Perhaps the greatest thing you began to learn was the power of the mind itself. In your adolescence you realized that your mind was, in fact, more powerful than others, you could sometimes peer into the minds of others, even change their thoughts. Obrien would persistently keep you in check if you tried to abuse your powers, but you soon learned to hone some of those abilities along with the martial training Obrien would administer.

Though you would ask often about your true parents, Obrien would always say that he did not know them well. They had entrusted you to his care after they had heard rumors that your home of Neverwinter was becoming unsafe. He had taken you as an infant away from that city shortly before the mountain had erupted, ruining the city and killing your parents. He would not speak much of those days, but he would regale you with stories of his past.

After many years, you decided to stay in the great city of Waterdeep for an extended period. It is there that you receive a strange, anonymous letter calling you to Neverwinter. At first you saw the letter as foolish and far fetched, but after showing it to Obrien, you felt an urge to see the mystery solved.

Other stuff

  • Obrien is still in your service. His fighting days are regrettably long over but he is very wise and is a great source of information and can probably do investigation.


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