You once led a comfortable life in the great city of Waterdeep. You were a successful and cunning merchant and made a healthy living selling magical components and baubles. Soon you began dabbling more into the products of your trade, desiring to perhaps eventually learn the craft of wizards and alchemists. You could never quite get the knack of it though. You read tomes and books and set up rituals but sadly, could barely do more than a simple cantrip.

As time went on, you began to obsess on magic even though your failure frustrated you to the core. Soon, you began to collect and read books of a more sinister origin. You sought after a source of power that could bring you success. Alas, your experiments failed and you fell into a brooding depression.

One fateful day, a strange, nervous man came to your shop and hastily placed a small black bound book on your counter. Clearly agitated, the man exclaimed that he wanted to sell the book for an exorbitant price. At first you were shocked by the price but then, you felt an intense curiosity wash away all sense of reason. You payed the man his sum, closed your shop, and spent the afternoon fighting the urge to open the book and pour over its pages. Feeling a sense of dread at what it’s contents held, you spent the night and the next day looking at the unopened, untouched book.

Dread eventually gave way to curiosity. You opened the book and all went black. It felt as if you had been falling for an eternity though a black void, strange and horrible images passing through your vision. Your body convulsed in pain and horror as the images came and went like whip lashes across your soul.

You awoke under a pile of rubble with your mind reeling, still clutching the small black book. Strangely though, you felt a sense of power and new knowledge. You focused for a moment and eldritch flames glowed from your hands. This was the power that you had been seeking for so long.

You had no idea how long you floated through the vision but an intense hunger wracked at your stomach as you stood up. Looking around you saw that the little shop had obviously been ransacked and looted. All of the precious books, reagents, and baubles gone without a trace save for the black book in your hands. You noticed something strange laying on the counter though. An untouched letter, still sealed. It’s contents a gray ribbon and strange anonymous letter calling you North to Neverwinter. A small voice distantly chuckled in your mind as you read its contents.

Other stuff

  • While you feel the eldritch power in your body, you also feel what seems like a presence in your mind. It is strange feeling but not more strange than the feeling of your new power.
  • You still own the black book and are extremely protective of it. You have been too afraid to open it again though, remembering the agony you felt when you first opened it.


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