Neverwinter Reclaimed

The Story Thus Far

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Our intrepid heroes, summoned to the city of Neverwinter by a mysterious letter, have embarked on a difficult mission to reclaim the city from it’s usurpers. The group was comprised of several disparate members of varying races and backgrounds. Desmond, a displaced wanderer possessing great psychic and martial prowess; Pixil Thunderstroke, a devout priestess of Kord who bears a painful secret; Belgron, a mysterious Tiefling with a penchant for destruction and ties to a powerful devil; and Ugarth, a deadly shot and cunning sneak fleeing a nefarious past. Initially, the group found evidence for the nobility of one of it’s members, Desmond, in an old city records building. After this initial success, the mysterious patron of the group revealed herself. She was Madame Rosene, proprietor of the Driftwood Tavern and leader of a band of rebels calling themselves simply, the Gray Cloaks. Her desire was to put in place a leader who was a true heir to the city and its history. After establishing that Desmond was a true heir, she sent the group on to greater tasks.

Through much danger and bloodshed, the group has been able to secure the help of some powerful factions within the city. The Many Arrows Orcs, who reside in the norther part of the city, were the first to join after the party deposed their current leader. The orcs sent Korgul with the party to represent their interests. The heroes also secured the tacit support of a group of werewolves outside the city known as the Gray Wolves, and the pledge of a group of Netherese led by a Shadar-Kai woman named Sheezra who are interested in securing stronger trade presence in the city. Through their adventuring, the heroes also found support in a weird Shadowfell copy of Neverwinter known as Evernight after ousting a Thayan lich Valindra Shadowmantle and her minions.

The party has learned a little about the current rulership of the city as well. Soman Galt the current mayor of Neverwinter has given the group some work yet it seems at cross purposes to the work the party is doing for the Gray Cloaks. The city is currently guarded by hired mercenaries and the heroes have endeared themselves to the guard captain Torian Vrain. All this seems to be orchestrated by an individual named Dagult Urthandar. Urthandar is a powerful lord in the neighboring city of Waterdeep and his true intentions are not known. Also, a strange cult has been uncovered by the party known as the Ashmadai. The devilish patron of Belgron has guided the party to find and infiltrate the cult. The group, and Belgron in particular, have unfortunately not had much success in the infiltration efforts and have instead scattered the members or driven them deeper underground.

Currently the group is on a mission to secure a shipment of weaponry for the rebel cause. They have met with a Dwarf named Durgal in Helm’s Hold who, is worried about the shipment as it hasn’t arrived.


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