Neverwinter Reclaimed

The End

After the death of Lord Urthander. The last of the mercenaries fled the city or surrendered as soon as they got word that their benefactor was killed. The Netherise forces, were not immediately heard from after the events of coup. But it was found that the priests of Amanatour had sealed the gateway to the Shadowfell from which they were supposed to enter the city. The Orc forces were happy to loot from the fallen mercenaries and take their spoils back to Blacklake.

The populace was cast into turmoil in the following weeks. The church of Amanatour and its followers were the first to leave. Next, a portion of the merchants, originally wooed to the city by Urhandar’s promise of security and gold, boarded ship and left. Many of the populace were unwilling to wait for the dust to settle as well. And even more were apprehensive of supporting a ruler who they questioned morally. But, Madame Rosene worked to settle their unease and stem to tide of fear and uncertainty. In the end, the majority of the citizens were happy to have one of their own ruling the city again.

A coronation for Desmond was held soon after. However, the city which Desmond inherited was a broken shell, under duress from threats seen and unseen. And a city now more vulnerable than ever. Word quickly went out that soldiers were needed for the protection of the city. The remaining gray cloaks shored up the city guard. Even a portion of the captured mercenaries, once working for Urthandar, agreed to work for Desmond if their pay continued. Spellscarred refugees from Helm’s hold were the first to heed the summons and fill the ranks of the guard as well.

The Netherise did return in force, demanding that the terms of their agreement be honored. Claiming that they were jilted by Desmond for not freeing their entrance to the city. When they were refused, they attacked the city. Their initial assault was rebuffed but not without a loss. And they were a thorn in the side for years thereafter, raiding and pillaging when and where they could.

The great Chasm to the east of the Protector’s Enclave also proved to be an immediate problem. The guards camped in the eastern part of town were the contingent left to defend the east wall. With their destruction, the wall was left exposed to the horrors that found their way out of the Chasm.

Waterdeep did not ignore the murder, as they saw it, of their lord. They also sent a force to demand restitution and a blockade was set around the harbor. While the force was, brilliantly defended against, mostly through the leadership of the warlord Salt, the blockade proved to be a major problem. With the added stress of dividing forces to re-defend the east wall, Desmond was eventually forced to capitulate. Fortunately, however, none of the remaining Lords of waterdeep shared Urthandar’s obsession for the region and they agreed to a treaty which forced Neverwinter to pay annual taxes and high trade tariffs. Bad blood between the cities remains.

The mayor, Soman Gault was found to be wearing the same strange tentacled amulet that the party had become familiar with. When it was taken from him, he went quite mad and would say nothing but frantically whisper about “The Masters.” He was sent to Helm’s hold to be locked up and was never heard from again.

Belgron worked with Desmond for a time, helping to defend the city. However, some time after Desmond’s coronation, he was summoned by his mistress again. She met him, masked and cowled. “Daddy was most displeased that you had not stayed to be his servant,” she said. “Now he’s seen fit to punish us both.” at that she removed her mask revealing a disfigured and hideous face. Her eyes had been plucked out and skin flayed. “Now I can only see through your eyes, my darling… but don’t worry, you’ll find a way to make me beautiful again, won’t you?”

He was not seen in Neverwinter again, perhaps doomed to wander the earth haunted by his mistress. But rumors of the warlock were heard far and wide. Tales of his mischievous deeds and beguiling antics were whispered as warnings to innocent maidens and children for centuries. “Don’t lie or be false,” they would warn. “Or Belgron the Betrayer will will take your face and have the truth from it.”

Though he was given a broken city, Desmond’s cunning and wit saved the city from certain ruin. He relied on his allies to continue to stabilize relations with the orcs to the north and the barbarians to the the east in the Neverwinter wood. His With the help of Rosenne and her connections, he was able to garner trade relations with the south. But rumors of his dealings with devils, that his companions killed innocents while assaulting Urthandar tainted the beginning of his rule. But such things were forgotten over time.

He ruled well and brought peace to the region and paved the way for Neverwinter to be restored to it’s former glory. As nobility returned, he shrewdly parcelled out the land around Neverwinter. Then sent forces North to take back the city of Luskan from lawless rabble, re-establishing trade routes and connecting precious resources from the North. He eventually married and sired an heir, thus establishing a line of great leaders. But rumors of a bastard amongst the Gray Wolves were the subject of many a prattling gossip.

Fazaak’s reign over fire became legendary, especially amongst his fellow orcs. In time he gathered a following and a fire cult was born. They became known as the Embers of Kossuth. Not being trusted by the general populace, they set up a community at the base of the volcanic Mount Hotenow. Fazaak, driven by a mad desire for revenge, used his cult to burn the Red Wizards from the forest. He cared not for whatever vile magic they were practicing, only that they be purged from the land. From time to time the ashes and the smell of charred flesh would rain down on Neverwinter carried aloft by winds borne by his fiery rage.

Korgul was instrumental in forging a lasting peace between the Many Arrows orcs, Gray Wolf barbarian tribes, and Neverwinter. He was able to convince them all to help with the protection of the city to fend off the Netherise threat and staunch the flow of abominations from the Chasm. Years later, he formed a monastery in the Craigs, mountains in the north of Neverwinter wood. There he trained monks in his fighting style. Those who achieved the highest ranks were given the ultimate gift of lycanthropy. The monks trained there would be renowned for their abilities. The phrase “do not try to flee from a Gray Wolf monk.” Would become a common warning to any thinking to cross ways with them.

Pixil continued to learn about the strange storm deity that she had adopted. She learned that the god Helm and Kord were, in fact aspects of the same deity, but, since Helm had presumably been killed, the Kord aspect was beginning to manifest in the world again. As this knowledge began disseminating through the world, a following of acolytes quickly made pilgrimage to Neverwinter. Pixil was revered as the harbinger of Kord and the glory of the Storm Lord. Along with The Prophet Rohini and the priests at Helm’s Hold they established a sanctuary for Spellscarred. Also, perhaps being the only one Barzarah truly trusted, the gold dragon came to her to aid in securing the Hex Locus and freeing Chartilifax from his bonds. They cleansed the area and laid the Neverwinter Nine there as its undying protectors. It was discovered that the Hex Locus could be used to treat the spellscarred. So she remains, a stalwart protector of the Hex Locus and a spiritual leader to thousands.

Salt stayed on as military adviser to Desmond. Under his leadership the rag-tag army that was left after Urthandar’s death was able to repel two invasions. When most of the turmoil in Neverwinter settled, he led several excursions into the Neverwinter Wood to deal with the Netherise nuisance. What he found was a massive site where the Netherise were reconstructing a kind of ruined city. Perhaps it was best that their deal had fallen through after all. Salt led his excursion force and caught the guard unaware. They were able to activate several strange, black constructs to defend the site but Salt’s forces routed them. When further excursions were made to the site, they found a place full of wondrous artifacts. From the strange nation of Netheril.

Salt eventually led the campaign on Luskan that brought the north under the control of Neverwinter.

Revenge fueled Ugarth’s actions after the retaking of Neverwinter. Some of the Gray Cloaks, inspired by Ugarth’s abilities in tracking and subterfuge, joined up with him. Together with his band, his first mission was to find his old nemesis, Drob, the Halfling. After finding evidence of the Dead Rats in Neverwinter, he dedicated himself to rooting them out. His investigations took him to the north side of town, just across the river to a sewer system under Blacklake. They found a nest of the vile Dead Rats and quickly dispatched as many as they could. But the slippery halfling, Drob managed escape. Ugarth and his companions tracked him North for days before they caught him in a misstep and brought his miserable life to an end.

Returning to Neverwinter, Ugarth took up a position of spymaster for Desmond and renamed his band the Black Cloaks. They were instrumental in the campaign against Luskan by infiltrating the city and bringing down its defenses from the inside. While there they rooted out even more of the Dead Rat leadership and crushed them.


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