Neverwinter Reclaimed

Return To the City

The party left Chartilifax‘s lair and determined they had done what they could. The matter of the pendant around the mad guard’s neck had yet to be resolved. It lay where the party had left it next to the oozing remains of Farron Gond. They decided to try again to pick it up using long sticks to manipulate the object from a distance. It seemed that the power of the horrific artifact still affected the one trying to pick it up. The party decided to leave the object where it lay, then consult the Prophet Rohini for further assistance.

The party exited the crypts without incident. Once in the safety of the church complex, they met with the overjoyed priest Brother Satarin who eagerly took the group to see Rohini. After a brief discussion with the prophet, they decided that storing the object in a silver box would have a good chance of containing the evil power of the thing and perhaps the prophet would be able to ward the object and place it in the box.

The plan was executed expertly. They returned to the object, Rohini made some divine invocation and the item was placed in a silver box and taken by Rohini’s guard. Their task complete, Satarin warmly thanked the adventurers and rewarded them with some fine armor and a small sack of gold.

The party arrived back at the Ol’ Dirty Dwarf inn to find their Dwarf friend, Durgal and 3 other strangers. One stranger was laid out on a bed, clearly wounded and in a feverish coma. The others nervously hovered over their friend clutching wounds of their own.

Pixil Thunderstroke sprang into action to tend the wounds of the man on the bed while the others asked who the newcomers were and what they were doing. Durgal said that they were the guards for the shipment of weapons. They explained that they were on their way when they were attacked by strange creatures just outside of town. They had just escaped with their lives and managed to flee with the shipment.

They hid it outside of town but were unwilling to let anyone know where it was until they could get some more compensation. The party reluctantly gave them some of the gold that they found in the crypt. The next morning, the healthier guards left their friend and led the party and Durgal to the shipment which was hidden in a stand of trees off the road and the party plus the Dwarf continued on their way, leaving the guards to their fate.

The trip back to Neverwinter was fraught with peril. They were caught in the water by a patrol boat which they managed to pay off, Then they fought a number of disgusting creatures in the sewer, including a sentient ooze which seemed to consist entirely of feces and putrescence.

Eventually Durgal was able to lead the party through the sewers to a door guarded by a couple gray cloaked individuals. Once introduced, the group was led into the door which led to a ladder up into what looked much like a warehouse made into a makeshift barracks.

After a while, the familiar Madame Rosene arrived and warmly greeted the party. She seemed ecstatic that the plan had gone off without casualties. She said that they had been making progress with raids on Dagult Urthandar and his operations. She also said that she’d arranged a meeting in a couple of days with the greater group of Gray Cloaks to present Desmond as the rightful heir to the crown.

It seems that now that the gears are in motion and events are moving quickly. The choices made in these tumultuous hours will decide the fate of Neverwinter’s future forever.


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