Neverwinter Reclaimed

Deeper Into the Depths

Where our Heroes Chase the Deranged Spellscarred Into the Crypts of Helm's Hold

After Pixil’s magical ministrations, the ailing priest came to long enough to thank the party for saving him. He handed a small, beautifully made dagger to Pixil saying that he had saved for a long time to purchase it and that it helped save his life, but perhaps Pixil or her friends could put it to use. The party gratefully took the weapon, sensing it’s magical nature, and continued to the strange exit to the lower floors. Once past the doors, the group found that they were descending into a labyrinthian crypt. Luckily, the creatures they were pursuing had left clear tracks and the heroes easily followed. The tracks guided the party through vast chambers lined with ossuaries and tombs. One chamber in particular housed a massive statue of Helm cradling an unknown individual who was presumably in a deathly repose. As with the statue above, the symbol of Kord (the lightning bolt) could be seen carved subtly into the hand.

The group continued deeper into the crypts. Many of the lower tombs bore evidence of being tampered with, though nothing else seemed out of the ordinary. The ranger Ugarth spotted a strange light coming from a chamber to the side, however, and the party moved to investigate.

It seemed as if one of the spellscarred individuals was frantically waving his hand in the air, fending off an invisible foe. The blue flames from his spell scar causing trails of light in the darkness. When Desmond charged in to subdue the man, he saw the object of the man’s terror. A shadowy figure thrust a ghostly spear into the spellscarred and he fell to the floor dead. He carried a handful of silver treasures which clinked on the ground as he died. His pale glowing scar cast enough light to reveal a large stone box in the middle of the room and many more ghostly figures climbing from it’s hidden depts. The apparition then turned its attention to Desmond and a hateful howl rose from several other of it’s kind from around the room.

The group of heroes valiantly battled the apparitions and eventually turned the tide. But realized they would have to return the stolen treasure to the box and close the lid for the spirits to rest again. With that task accomplished the spirits seemed to cease their raging.

Exhausted, the group decided to take a few hours rest in the chamber. They had the opportunity to read the inscription on the box. It read “The Fallen Heroes of the Battle of Gathian. May They Forever be Remembered”

Grosseye It didn’t take long for the heroes to find the rest of the spellscarred after their short rest. They found a chamber with a pile of rubble in the middle and a gaunt, disturbed looking man sitting on a chair on top of the rubble. On his back was a disgusting cape which looked like it was made from a bed sheet smeared in blood. The man mumbled to himself and would sometimes stand and pace and yell in fits of outrage as he studied a crack in the side of the wall. The party decided to remove the troubled man from his worries and attacked. The man clutched at something around his neck, then cried out “Come to my aid my Masters!” As he cried, his body seemed to burst with blue lava. He took on a phantasmal appearance and lighting speed. The battle was quick but furious. Several more spellscarred leapt into the fray but were cut down. A few brutal blasts from Belgron and some well placed shots by Ugarth cut the leader down.

Some of the party searched the chamber. The others examined the body of the leader. A large amount of treasure was piled in a corner and after some trepidation it was divided amongst the party.

Abolyth pendant
Pixil, Salt, and Belgron looked over the body. Belgron, finding the disgusting cape to have some fairly powerful magical properties, decided it would make a proper addition to his outfit. Pixil found a horrible tentacled pendant around the neck of the body. Wisely, she advised everyone not to touch it. As he was examining it, however, the pendant seemed to draw her in. Luckily, Salt was nearby to pull her back. They decided to leave the wicked thing alone.

The crack in the wall was the next thing to be examined. It seemed to be recently broken open and a crevice sunk back into darkness. Ugarth scouted ahead in rat form and found a strange and unexpected world as the crevice opened into a mossy, damp… forrest?


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